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Originally Posted by CalVol View Post
Poor lil ol Delta. LOL!!!

The rules are the rules. But, the over the top castigation of her for being angry about the situation she's in borders on ridiculous. We even have a mind reader who thinks (s)he knows that they were attempting to (apparently proactively) hedge the system.

What it actually sounds like to me is someone who flies a bit (enough to accumulate enough miles for a family vacation) but isn't really a FF. Does this: sound like something a real FF would write?

As a result she hasn't really had to deal with any unusual stuff and was, therefore, unaware of how things are now wrt fees, fees, fees! Hence the sticker shock.

The basic tone of said responses seemed to be along the lines of: "You shoulda read the rules you stupid &!t#h! smh

When all that was needed was something like... "Hey, we feel your pain. It sucks when that happens! But, unfortunately, there isn't much hope you're gonna get any relief. The best you can do is give em a call and see if they will do you a favor. Good luck and enjoy your trip!"

Obviously, YMMV. But, that just means you're wrong
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