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Originally Posted by Frequentflyer99 View Post
That's a whole other story. I was told a couple of years ago, that the poor check in process is all down to a feeble internet connection. Can this be true in the 21st century ??
Fiber Optic now installed.. Its still very poor but thats just the lackluster poor service attitude that predominates here in Malaga (my home town). Unfortunalty whilst its a wonderful place to live one has to adjust ones expectations as you board at Gatwick. Only today i was promised a call back in 20 mins from Americian Express that never materialized. Dont get me started on the passport control issues (currently working to rule) or the queues in and out of Gibraltar when our governments clash or my postal service etc etc etc.... the list goes on

And as for the fast track security in Malaga I just duck under the rope and walk to the front.
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