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The only spa that was not good was Amankora Paro. We were greeted for our hot stone bath by a lady who definitely looked like she was ready to leave wearing some sports jersey parka and running shoes. We were quickly ushered into the outdoor bathtub and stone masons were chiseling away some 5 feet away and we were worried that they'd move a foot and see us. They were talking laughing and working.

I complained to the Aman GM and no real concern about it. Glad it was my free Virtuoso benefit, but the whole process was completely worthless, expect that they easily arranged for a member on staff to watch our son for that hour. A walk would have been nicer.
Jiwo's spa was just an unused guest room. The therapist was ok but not really eager to serve. Very poor service etiquette like leaving us to find our way back to our suite. Maybe we're just too used to East Asian service of being escorted and seen off.

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Thanks for posting this. Seems they have a challenge with the noise, which is not good -- kind of reminds of FS Casablanca's spa, which was a nightmare for me: no music, limited A/C, poor ventilation and tiny treatment rooms.
FS Seoul has a nice facility (minus the noise) but the therapists seem more interested in doing their job and going home. No extra time given or particular care to sore spots. I'm actually looking forward to SL Tokyo's CHI spa in 2 week's time. I hate upper management for their breakfast stinginess but their spa therapists are your transcendent ones. If you were making a spa therapist hologram - they'd be your perfect template...

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