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I just wrote a longer response, but, we just got back from the jungle two months ago in Ecuador and loved it. Loved it, and yes, you'll sweat. Enjoy it and don't whine otherwise you're gonna have to not do the spa for the sake of your integrity! I so deeply regretted staying in Cusco rather than going to the Inkaterra in the jungle nearly two years ago. I think you're in for a real treat.

St. Regis is worth looking at. Faena, Setail, Acqualina, COMO and FS Surfside would be the others I'd consider. COMO has a very high standard IMO and there's a lot of travel between the hotels between therapists I understand, so you'll have a high chance and can find out if there's someone who worked at Bali for example.

We'll be in Miami in a few months after Amanyara and COMO, Faena and the new FS seem most interesting to me right now.

Edition, W, SLS, Delano.... not places I would really consider myself if I were in your shoes... as it sounds like you're not the party type.

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