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Originally Posted by scented View Post
Do you at least get to see Machu Picchu?

I would probably do MO or Faena. I have seen both Spas, but only tried treatments at MO. Faena has a wonderful hard product, sadly I haven't had a chance to try the treatments yet.

And now a warning... (to quote Isabella Rossellini).

Don't expect all too much in a Miami spa. People don't really like working in SoBe and generally I found standards a bit hard to uphold there. I don't know if you value a chemical-free option but you may not find it there. Ask for a senior therapist. My choice would be MO as you could do a time ritual and they also offer a true Thai massage.

I do not like the spa at the Setai, more so under new management. Don't bother. Also all of the party... err lifestyle hotels (think Edition etc) don't offer a great spa.

Venturing out to FS Surfside may be a bit long but I hear they have good therapists. Although menu quite limited.
Thank you, scented! You & I think alike. I know the MO Miami well and I do enjoy their spa. However, I was thinking of a hotel that was actually on the beach.

I have done some online research on the usual Miami Beach suspects: Edition, W, SLS, Delano. And have eliminated all of them from contention. I share your feelings towards SoBe service standards and I can't even imagine how mediocre they must be at the pretty young thing establishments. Besides, these hotels seem to have a "I guess we need a spa; let's shove one into this dark corner" attitude. So my choices have rapidly dwindled. The only reason why I'm even looking at hotel spas in Miami Beach is because we have to transit through MIA on our way back from Lima.

As of now, the serious contenders are: 1 Hotel, Faena and Carillion. The spa at Carillion looks wonderful but the hotel itself seems woefully lIke a cheap Marriott. A colleague of mine is lobbying for the Fountainbleu. And, indeed, the spa looks fantastic. But..it's in the Fountainbleu. Isn't that the blue-haired grandma hangout? I love how the Standard describes itself as a "spa with rooms." However, I fear the Standard is the sort of place where the staff responds to every request with an insolent rolling of the eyes. I also don't like how all the steam rooms, saunas, etc. appear to be unisex. I *loved* my experience at the Cowshed Spa in Berlin; but, was warned that the Miami Beach outpost is truly dismal​​​​​​. I had not considered the FS Surfside (I actually had forgotten that it even exists) but I shall now check it out. Thank you for that suggestion.

Unfortunately, visiting Machu Picchu is not in the cards. We're staying at some rustic jungle lodge outside of Iquitos. I'm told that it will be "fun".
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