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Originally Posted by Vaterland View Post
I am seeking guidance.

Much to my dismay, I am being dragged off into the jungles of Peru for the new year holiday period. Five days of sleeping with bugs, "indigenous food" and bathing in my own sweat. As a reward for not whining too much, I get to have two full days at a hotel spa of my choice in Miami Beach. My only experience in MB has been at the splendid but spa-less Tides Hotel. So I am in search of a luxury hotel with a truly killer spa to wash away the jungle.

Any recommendations?
Do you at least get to see Machu Picchu?

I would probably do MO or Faena. I have seen both Spas, but only tried treatments at MO. Faena has a wonderful hard product, sadly I haven't had a chance to try the treatments yet.

And now a warning... (to quote Isabella Rossellini).

Don't expect all too much in a Miami spa. People don't really like working in SoBe and generally I found standards a bit hard to uphold there. I don't know if you value a chemical-free option but you may not find it there. Ask for a senior therapist. My choice would be MO as you could do a time ritual and they also offer a true Thai massage.

I do not like the spa at the Setai, more so under new management. Don't bother. Also all of the party... err lifestyle hotels (think Edition etc) don't offer a great spa.

Venturing out to FS Surfside may be a bit long but I hear they have good therapists. Although menu quite limited.
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