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America West had a dual hub - with more daytime focus on PHX and more nighttime focus on LAS. If, for example, you were flying from DCA to LAX in the evening, you could leave DCA around 830pm, arrive at LAS at 11pm, toss some quarters in the slots in the terminal (which had awful payback rates), and catch a midnight flight to LAX. That terminal was hopping between 11pm and 130am.

They had a ton of flights between LAS and PHX, because some routings involved two changes.

That was more than twenty years ago.

The proliferation of casinos elsewhere in America, combined with Southwest's growth in Vegas, the AA/HP/US mergers and loss of the America West brand, the cost of jet fuel and other changes in the economy led to the dismantling of the late night hub in Vegas.

Vegas was always a low yield market for the airlines, and the late night hub economic model didn't work well enough any more.

I miss it. But I also miss the Sands, the Castaways, the sports book at the Stardust, the really good cheap prime rib specials, Lefty, Gene Maday, and Jeannie the cocktail waitress who once dated Elvis. But those days are gone now, and they ain't comin' back.

Good times.
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