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FS Seoul 90 min Energetic treatment review


Where: Four Seasons Seoul

Facilities: included with spa treatments but costs around $28 extra to use (even for in-house guests). I think this should be a FSPP benefit because it's not like you're going to have hundreds of FSPP guests that will turn the public bath, sauna, etc into a pool party. Your pick of different temperature hot tubs and cold ones, saunas and a large non-heated swimming pool. Seemingly no stern restrictions on bringing guests in and locals seem to do that in droves. Gets a little crowded and crazy with kids, especially, during this summer period. I went in and turned back.

The changerooms are very nice. Booths with a full array of products and grooming utensils.

Views obstructed by blinds and maybe because it's two-way glass. Office building next door can see in.

Pre treatment ritual: foot scrub

Therapist going through the motions. No attempt at reflexology or a decent foot rub. Feet in, scrub for 1 min and out.

Type of treatment

For muscles that need some remedial attention, this medium to strong massage uses techniques that include sports massage and deep tissue to reach deeper into problem areas and help disperse tension. Working within your body’s individual capabilities, the therapist will leave your body feeling more at ease than ever.
They use some sort of Sodashi massage oil but the therapist didn't bother telling me the name or letting me pick.
The therapist did her best and I felt some relief after. She was kind of petite and well I could have used someone with more power. 18 months later and it's good to see that their therapists have become more seasoned.

Treatment room - Standard type, non-view
You have to be getting one of their top treatments to have the VIP suite (w/ windows and views) to yourself. I find it rather plain and sterile. The treatment here wasn't given much consideration by Mr. Fu and his team of designers because the following shouldn't happen. Outside street noise can be a problem, hence, why the therapist offered me earplugs...

Post treatment

Tea served in room. No loungers, magazine, juice and dried fruit relaxation area like MO Tokyo or PH Tokyo. They DO have this kind of facility but it's strictly for fitness club members only. I suppose you could ask to enjoy your tea there if you insisted but tea just comes to your room.

I'd go back but not when the various noisy protest groups are protesting in Gwanghwamun square. This spa is 100x better than Signiel Seoul's horrid Evian spa, Conrad, PH or any others in Seoul but still not a top FS spa.

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