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Originally Posted by Simon Schus View Post

Hopefully those that have RTS are finding it a good use of money
I can't think of any circumstance where RTS is considered a 'good use' of money. It's an outrageous rip off, especially when compared to Global Entry (which is exceptional value for money and the benefits it provides).

What bugs me the most about RTS, apart from the insane yearly cost, is the requirement to make >4 trips. What if I'm just wealthy and want to use the e-Gates with my US passport? The UK government (weak and wobbly idiots) says,

'No, sorry old chap, we're not in the business of taking your money which we make an obscene profit on, as you haven't had >=4 trips to the UK in the last 12 months'.

Insane. The US is so far ahead of the UK for trusted travellers.
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