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Japan Airlines – JL522 – April 9th 2017
Sapporo New Chitose CTS – 18.00
Tokyo Haneda Intl HND – 19.40
Boeing 777-200 – JA8977 – First class seat 2D, aisle, center section.

This Sunday evening flight seemed to be full, at least in the front section of the J cabin and in the F cabin, where I was seated. The senior cabin attendant and the 2 female FA’s working in the F cabin greeted every passenger and provided the menus for tonight’s flight, as well as some tempur pillows if needed. We pushed back strictly on time despite the full flight and took off about 5 minutes later. As on the previous flight, sleepers and a blanket was provided at every seat and the crew provided a very professional and polite service. As the pilot announced some possible turbulence approaching Tokyo, the service went quite fast, but nonetheless was very attentive. The food was very good and I added to it a glass of champagne and the usual glass of kiwi « skytime » (as a dessert ☺).

Free wifi was available throughout the flight, just like on the previous flight.

During the meal service, I noticed that my seat mate was asking the crew for some sort of stickers and was taking pictures of those and the meal tray. The flight attendant noticed that I was puzzled by those stickers and came to me 15 minutes later with some and explained to me that those were representing the different provinces of Japan, and that some were collecting those (that’s the way I understood). I found it funny and exchanged some with my seat mate… If someone knows more about those, I would be interested to know more…

Being the only « western » looking guy in the cabin, the same flight attendant asked me if I was enjoying my time in Japan and where I was coming from, we talked for a few minutes before she had to go back to the galley…
As the pilot predicted, turbulence started 20 minutes before landing in HND and the crew had to remained seated for the rest of the flight, giving us back our coats before that.

We arrived in Haneda on time and the crew thanked us again for choosing JL.
Overall it was a nice flight, with a very efficient and courteous crew. I wish I could have got a window seat.

To conclude, I would rate this flight just like the previous one:
Cabin Crew : A
Seat : B (considering this is a 1 hour 20 minute flight, a different rating would have applied for a transcontinental service)
On time performance : A
Meal and beverages : A- (Food was good, and nicely presented).
Overall experience : A-

Haneda is a nice airport , with a good shopping area, especially for plane memorabilia ☺

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