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Honestly, I think this is all pretty much an admission that they screwed up and an attempt to walk back the policy without losing face (which is, as we all know, something the current "administration" is keenly interested in). Far too many US business people use the ME3+1 these days, let alone all the Euro carriers/airports that they were talking about extending to, to really make this practical, and the danger of electronic fires was much too risky. If one plane had an incident because of this, there would be major hell to pay.

I do think it is likely that we are going to start seeing a return to the second check before US flights, which used to be more common, instead of just having a single, more rigorous check when going into the US portion of any terminal.

On another note - I flew through DOH to the US last week. I had to go through 2 security checks (including one at the gate), a wand frisk after not setting off the machine, had bags examined, and still had to hand over my Surface in the box they provided. It is ridiculous, and semi-hilarious, that DOH is somehow considered not a safe airport to handle laptops and the like.

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