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Originally Posted by guflyer View Post
Looking at various articles and the fact sheet, I cannot figure out which new security measures to expect. Can anyone post a summary of them?
Yes, it is somewhat devoid of any information in the slightest. In fact I almost choked on my goat milk almond flavoured decaf latte when I read "agile enemy". I cannot escape that psychobabble "agile" new way of working. It has expanded even to the terrorist community so I am beginning to feel some sympathy for them. No wonder they choose suicide.

But, there is no information, we have to trust in them as I am sure that we all do. But please don't anyone mention WMD. And of course if they did tell us what the measures were then it would give the game away to the agile enemy. So, it's all about trust issues and a few swabs hither and thither and a few extra benches with different bored security people asking me what the purpose of my visit is and me having to resist saying anything that would deny me boarding.

At the end of the day it will all be fine and we shall exeunt stage left and move on to the next act once the scene shifters have weaved their magic. Break a leg everyone!
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