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Originally Posted by susiesan View Post
How is this going to work if you start your journey in a smaller oversees airport that does not have direct flights to the US?

Example: Depart BCN Barcelona on IB to Madrid, MAD to ORD.

Do I have to leave the secure area while transiting at BCN and go back though security again? Do I have to claim my bags and check back in through the new better scanners? I have this flight BCN-MAD-ORD coming up in October and I only have 1 hour to connect. There are thousands and thousands of people with already purchased tickets based on connecting times in place at the time of the ticket purchase. The rules are being changed in the middle of the game. I foresee many missed connecting flights if they were already tight timewise.
Secondary screening at the gate. Probably "enhanced" from what is being done already for US bound flights.
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