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Originally Posted by catocony View Post
As far as a Mayfair view, that would be the street view I believe. If you're facing Hyde Park, I guess that would be a park view, which is what I had when I stayed there.
Yes, looks like OP is right over the ‘new’ main entrance. I’ve had that view twice, looking south. I think the park view is overrated, at least this far up Park Lane near its terminus. When the trees are leaved, even in a top floor the park view is nice but half of it's the traffic.

Nonetheless PL does a nice job sound deadening all rooms Ive been in.

But the Mayfair View as we are calling it is pretty nice. Short street, not tons of traffic and if you wait long enough you can see and appreciate the regimented (in a positive way) the way UK and London manages the historic districts. Rules everywhere, and they are followed. The sheathing was being applied to the building on the right during my last stay. I'm a civil engineer and am always very interested in how cities manage their streets, ensure that construction has minimal impact on the contiguous properties (and the streets). Nice to grab a coffee and go back up to the room and watch early morning activity on a street like this.

This is such a contrast to the construction free-for-all in the USA. At least in DC.For example - there are several redevelopment projects along the SE waterfront. They have crap all over the place, block lanes for months with jersey walls for no reason, and it generally is a PITA to have to get past that. These developers would never get that in central London.

Long rant, park view is great. I like to see streets a block or two off a place like Park Lane particularly in the AM to see the locals on foot or walking hounds, watch the construction if thats underway, and maybe walk down and even chat up the crews on occasion. Its fun and they are always nice and friendly.
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