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Originally Posted by LarryJ View Post
Something like an adult traveling with two children on a flight with 1x2 or 2x2 seating.
Or a flight filled with families, in a 3-3 configuration, where the available seats are a window in one row, and aisle in another row, etc. with the remaining 2 / 3 seats in those rows being occupied by parents and their 1 or 2 children.

Or flights in which there are other considerations - e.g. disabled passengers in rows with movable arm rests, accommodation of service animals, broken seats / seat belts, lap infants in bulkheads, more than 1 lap infant in a row (oxygen issues), aircraft where lap infants cannot sit on the port side, only starboard (because there are no spare oxygen masks on the port side, only starboard), people using car seats for infants (they cannot go in aisle seats on most aircraft) etc.

I do feel that parents wanting to sit with their kids should book seats ahead of time, paying any necessary fee so to do. Whilst there are times where **** happens and things go wrong (and those families do have my sympathy), most of the time it is poor planning, and I do not see why an adult, for their own reasons, say, claustrophobic, or with non visible medical issues such as needing to use the restroom frequently or urgently at times, has purchased a seat assignment, should be less important than a family who simply did not want to pay the fee.
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