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Originally Posted by remdk View Post
3544quebec In reply to your comment
“I don't see how doing nothing for some customers equates to providing the best possible solution to as many customers as possible. Surely doing something for just one of the unfortunate ignoreds will provide the best possible solution to as many customers + 1.”
It is not just you but many others in the same situation. If they all were to be rerouted before the full need for re-routing was known then they would, naturally, take the earliest flights. And when 24 hours before departure the seats available was known these persons would have taken most if not all of the early flights leaving those whose need has just been made known with the later flights and misconnections.

You MAY be satisfied but the others will not! So your action is reducing the number of satisfied customers NOT increasing it!

Add to this the risk of cancellation of your flight due to a worsening of the situation and you will have a problem. You have already used the one free change per journey for affected customers and thus you will probably have to pay change fees etc. You will find that information in at least two different posts on this thread.

If you insist upon immediate rebooking against QRs policy you are removing QRs responsibility for the rerouted sectors. Thus you could end up with no flights and no refund!

Remember what NoY said in post 941
“Indeed, the sole reason QR gave me on the phone (for the rebooking time limit of 24/72 hours, even if booked directly on QR.COM) was that airlines with whom QR were rebooking - "autocancelling QR bookings by the concerned airlines". “

Since thay are aware of this it is illegal for them to reroute you onto flights that they are aware of may be cancelled. In some jurisdictions this is regarded as Fraud!

QRs hands are tied in this matter and they are trying to keep their actions legal but they are being pressured by individuals who are demanding that they break the law!

Seen in that light QR are offering the best possible service in this situation. In fact the 72 hours is in excess of what they are required to give!
Armed with the formal policy provided in the earlier post by stefg1007 my OTA has had my ex-LXR ticket rerouted to CAI-BEY-DOH - by QR outside the 72 hr window
From your post, clearly illegal and fraudulent behaviour on QR's part but se la vie.

Much of your assertions bare no resemblance to reality - if a rerouted ticket suffers a further cancellation of a flight the passenger does not lose any rights to a further reaccommodation/refund just because they have availed themselves of a previous reroute. They have the same rights as anyone ticketed on the newly cancelled flight.

What they are required to give and what is reasonable to give are 2 different things entirely. They are required to give a refund, nothing else. It is reasonable to expect them to give accurate information ie not tell their customers that they will protect them ex-LXR in less than 2 weeks but only at the 72 hour point when this does not concord with their now revealed policy and does not concord with reality in regard to other flights that actually depart LXR. Their policy and reality is that they won't protect ex-LXR, they will require the customer make their own way to another originating point. If this is your idea of QR "offering the best possible service in this situation" well we have different customer service expectations

Auto-cancelling of bookings only occurs where there has been no ticket issued and there is no ticket number associated with the booking. No-one is advocating QR make reservations to reaccommodate passengers but not ticket them. The point regarding auto-cancellation has no relevance to this discussion

Robust debate is fine but surely arguments should have some relation to reality

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