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Originally Posted by CDG1 View Post
Will there be any FT plane spotters at Hamburg airport for G-20 official flights arrivals?

Any idea which day they will start coming in?

I will be getting in 5 July evening. Planning to be out on the field all day 6 July. I hope for dry weather.

I understand G-20 itself will be 7 and 8 July. I was at G-20 in Nice (NCE) November 2011. Seen some really nice aircraft. Easy airport. Magnificent set up. Got some nice pictures.

I am not at all familiar with Hamburg airport. I see they have airport tours. Could be cancelled G-20 time?

I suppose the place will be on lockdown for G-20 arrivals. Looking at the airport configuration, there are probably lots of good spots to watch departures/arrivals, again depending if the airport will be on lockdown or not.

Any information/advice will be most appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.

I've been to HAM and there is a nice observation deck that you can get to pre-security, but I suspect with the G-20 in town the deck might be closed.

Use this link from spotterguide that covers HAM....Their info is usually accurate and I've been happy with their advice. Pay extra attention to the spots that are located off the airport since you might have less restrictions with security at those places.
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