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Some AC status is somewhat useful if you are flying a lot, although that mostly only kicks in with E35 or E50. It is some small amount of time and comfort back in exchange for spending a lot of time in a metal tube in the air.

If you are flying once twice a year Altitude status is mostly useless. Pay the fee for a CC with travel benefits and/or buy a lounge pass & PE / preferred seating and get the same benefits for a lot less money than your mileage run. Never mind the cost of your time to do the run.


Do a YYZ-HNL on UA. Often in the low $500s each way. Lieflat on many of the long segments from EWR IAD MDW and DEN Same day turns too. Should net you ~7500 AQM each direction.
This is pretty much the worst advice. Look $1000+ and a couple of days of lousy food and sleep in exchange for E35 / *S. Talk about a total waste of time and money for an infrequent flier.
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