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Originally Posted by Tobias-UK View Post
Quite, it appears we live in a world where people want to scheme, where people try to get as much as they can for nothing not caring who they scam in the process.
I hope it's clear that this isn't my intention...

My main concern is that, by processing the transaction three to four months later, it actually makes it harder to know intuitively if the transaction is genuine or fraudulent. One of the best things about using Amex is that the app immediately sends a notification when transactions are made using the card; when this notification popped up today, my immediate thought was that it must have been a fraudulent transaction as I hadn't purchased anything from BA for so long.

It's also likely that some cards will expire or be lost / stolen in the interim period.

As for trying to get out of paying for something that I purchased, this is definitely not the case. However, I honestly can't remember what I purchased on board on either leg of this trip; I doubt that this is unusual for a long weekend in Prague!


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