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Originally Posted by jan8 View Post
First of thank you and sorry for posting in the wrong section.

Actually I would be able to get the row 1 in B764 for the outgoing leg. Does the more legroom apply for the window seats, middle seats or both?
It applies to all of the row 1 seats. It isn't more legroom, per se, but a much larger footwell. It ends up having somewhat the same effect as more legroom, though, but also makes movement in bed much easier.

You will hear a lot of people complain about the 767 seats, but I actually think that the row 1 seats are quite nice. I like the large side tables, especially. If you are on the larger side (say 6'2"+ or over 230 lbs), I could see the bed being cramped, but for folks under that, I think the "coffin" criticisms are overstated. For non-row 1, I do think the footwell is tight, almost uncomfortably so.

In short, if you aren't a bigger person and can get row 1, I would choose on schedule, even though I think the A330 seat is better.
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