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Originally Posted by BA6501 View Post
Are you sure Iberia didn't offer Business? It is very easy to pick the wrong cabins on Iberia Plus, you have to select the correct cabin "radio button" for each flight.

Anyway - with 65 minutes I wouldn't lose sleep over it, you won't have time for anything more than a quick drink in the lounge.

As there was no Club Europe on domestics last year, an onward flight in Club Europe sufficed for lounge access. As far as I know BA and Iberia have the same availability, for BA flights at least (as a Blue) so that should not have been an issue.

Yes, you are granted the highest baggage allowance on your booking for all BA flights.

Curious as to why you redeemed via Iberia Plus as I'd presume the taxes (well, RFS) would have been cheaper via BA, at 42.50 for CE+ET or 50 for CE+CE.
It would have been nice to have at least the Fast Track security since in other European hubs I would't have had to go through security coming from the EU...
Do you guys have experiences about the waiting times for both the "connections" security and the "normal" security at 8pm? I have been to Heathrow only in the morning.

And yeah, at least for Business IB and BA don't have the same availability, and actually I don't even think that IB updated their systems with the UK Club Europe, since at the moment I can't find it even in October...

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