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With all due respect this has nothing to do with what QR should do when operations return to normal. Most people with tickets originating in affected countries bought their tickets well before the current situation arose and are not trying to game the system. they are trying to make the best of a bad situation and I don't think QR's response is reasonable.

In my case
1) Flew CAI-SYD in first in April
2) Had reservation SYD-CAI a week ago
- was unable to get QR to confirm a change to DOH-CAI flight until 24hrs before departure at which time the best they could do was get me to CAI 14 hrs late via KWI. There had been better connections available 48hrs earlier
3) Missed my flight CAI-DOH-MPM because of the delay and cancelled trip to Mozambique because next flight 3 days later
4)Have flight booked LXR-DOH-HKG-BNE in 2 weeks time but QR will not entertain confirming a different routing/origination until at best 72hrs prior.
I will be in LXR and won't know until 3 days prior to travel what the new arrangements will be
-will I be flying Kuwait Air/EgyptAir fro Kuwait?
-will I need to change my origin to CAI or AMM for better flight options?
-can I drop the LXR-DOH segment and make my own way to DOH
-will the only option be cancellation and a refund on my ticket?

I would be happy with any firm solution (happier with some than others sure) but not knowing makes it impossible to plan.
I have hotel reservation in LXR,DOH and HKG that I might need to cancel
I might need to make reservations in CAI,AMM or who knows wher else
I might need to make my own reservations to fly to CAI or AMM or wherever
and doing it now will give me more choices at better prices than 3 days prior to departure.
At the moment most are being kept in limbo and would just like a resolution , not to scam the system. If the resolution is advantageous to some that is a side-effect not the purpose of the changes sought.
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