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Originally Posted by SullyofDoha View Post
Ticketing number question: I have a CAI-DOH-MUC flight booked for next week. QR told me I can drop the first leg. By doing so, will my ticket number change? The reason why I ask is because I have a tourism Qatar promotion hotel booked using my existing ticket number and I'd prefer not to have the reservation jeopardized.
This may be a YMMV response but here was my experience 3 days ago.

Was booked SYD-DOH-CAI with 3 hour connection which was changed to SYD-DOH-KWI-CAI with 2 hrs in DOH and 12 hrs in KWI which some wise person suggested I change which I did to have 11 hrs in DOH and 3 hrs in KWI (2 hrs and 59 mins too long).

I was supposed to do a same plane turnaround in CAI on another ticket CAI-DOH-MPM with an overnight in DOH on which I had booked a Qatar+ free night at the Oryx Rotana.

On arrival in CAI from SYD I went to the QR sales desk and cancelled the CAI-DOH-MPM ticket but as I now had 11 hrs in DOH and a confirmed reservation that evening linked to the cancelled ticket I thought I would give it a shot at the Rotana.

The Rotana meet and greet person outside arrivals had a list of all guests expected that day and I wasn't on the list! Anyway I caught the hotel shuttle and presented my Qatar+ confirmation print-out to the front desk and they checked me in without any issue.

So even though the Qatar + reservation was for the CAi-DOH-MPM ticket which I had just cancelled I was able to use it for the SYD-DOH-KWI-CAI reservation.

So the things to note are:

1) I only cancelled the MPM ticket 30mins prior to checking in at the Rotana at 6am so Qatar+ might normally cancel the reservation in those circumstances but it may not have had time to work through the system.

2) The Rotana Meet + Greet person did not have my name listed even though I was originally booked to arrive at 5pm that evening rather than 6am - had Qatar+ already cancelled my hotel stay because there was no flight CAI-DOH on which I was supposed to arrive that evening?

3) regardless of all the above the hotel honoured the reservation as listed on the confirmation print-out I provided.

4) If you are changing your flight reservation weeks or even days in advance none of the aforementioned may be of any relevance.

5) It works well at the Oryx Rotana where they have 20 minutely airport shuttles but may not be as good a gamble if at a hotel further afield
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