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Originally Posted by robsaw View Post
The AE service charge I would expect to post separately and sooner. The fees associated with the ticket probably only post when "ticketed" - what is the status of the booking you should be able to look it up on-line and check with confirmation code?

I still expect it may post to your cc-account as it is possible the authorization and actual posting could be done as separate transactions. If it doesn't within about 3 days of ticketing then I would start to be concerned.
Both charges $33.90 under Aeroplan and $340.00 under Air Can appeared on my Capital Aspire on-line transactions the following day as 'pending'. But the weird thing is that the Aeroplan $33.90 transferred to 'transactions confirmed' but the Air Can $340.00 just disappeared. I called Capital One and was told nothing they can do since the merchant removed the charges, and was talking to Aeroplan couple mins ago, the Rep put me on hold for 30 mins checking with their billing department then came back saying might be some glitches and confirms that my booking, ticketing, payment all looks good and nothing to worry.
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