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Too many food trucks in PDX to pin down faves. So many have come and gone over the last 30-35 years it's hard to keep up with what's still open or have gone B&M or micro B&M. One would think this city has maxxed out on types of cuisine but I've found they come in waves. The latest wave includes ramen, dumplings and regional thai.

But one of the most successful food trucks ever, Nong's Khao Man Gai, offers just a handful of dishes and does them so superbly it's like why bother with anything else. Not that we're not still awash in pad thai, tacos and gyros but there's just so much more variety that only the better pad thai, taco and gyros trucks remain. When I'm pressed for time, which is pretty much all the time in the middle of the day, I hit whichever Aybla truck is closest for a gyro w/extra feta.

The one pod-to-B&M that knocked me out on the first bite is the Florentine-focused Burrasca that served the most succulent inzimino, squid simmered in red wine, spinach and herbs and a slice of grilled bread for $7. I could've have that every day for weeks before changing up the pace. Now that they've gone B&M the price is a little higher -- $10 -- but still worth every penny.
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