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My guess: 24 June 2017 QR007/8 DOH-LHR will be the first with A7-BED.

Also, interestingly, there are some quite complex rules entries around seat selection - but in essence, solo travellers as a guideline won't be assigned QUADS (they are blocked off), and it's generally for 3/4 pax families. Once a QUAD has been broken up (out of necessity - for example with a couple in the E/F seats), then the rest of the quad is unlocked and can be filled with individual travellers.

Some other notes I made:

They've also made 1A/2B last offered to allow airport flexibility to handle last minute requests. The other 18 windows and aisles are free for reservation as per the normal process.

The bassinet position is 11B/J, reduced mobility seats are 2/4/6/9 B and J.

All A/E/F/K's are backward facing, all B,D,G,J's are forward facing. Total 20 Forward/22 Backward.

77W: J42/Y312
High density 77W: J24/Y388
77L: J42/Y230 (probably going 3-4-3 in Y, from 217)
35K: J46/Y281
359: J36/Y247
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