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Originally Posted by inpd View Post
Original ticket was a one way ticket from USA to Europe. But it turns out I'll be in Europe anyway so I wanted to turn it into some internal Europe travel.

The original trip cost $300 per person and one way within Europe is not even $100 per person. So I'd like to take the one way booking and make it a round trip booking so as not to leave any "money on the table" as they say.

That makes no sense.

A "return" ticket would require you to end up back where you started. [could it be that you want to keep the ticket as a one-way, but in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION???]

You can't add sectors to an existing booking without paying change fees and fare differences (which is likely to add substantially to the price already paid).

There is no scenario in which any change you make to the ticket would see you "leaving any money on the table", and I genuinely can't figure out what your thought processes here are.

If you want to buy new sectors for travel in Europe, then buy them as new tickets. It's by far the best/chepest/easiest way to achieve what it appears you want to achieve.

If - as the previous poster suggests - you instead want to NOT take your USA to Europe flight, then all you can do is request a refund on the taxes and charges. You may get a refund of a few tens of dollars, nothing more. If you attempt to take a later, second sector that may be on that same ticket, without having already flown the sector from the USA - then you will find that the ticket has been voided.

Please - explain more clearly what exactly you are trying to do. Describe the itinerary that your ticket currently shows, and tell us the itinerary that you now want to use the ticket on.
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