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13. Identify an airline that operated stretched BAC One-Eleven series 500 service into New Orleans (MSY).
I would guess a couple, Cayman Airways and Lacsa. Several Caribbean and South American countries operated the stretched 500 series of the One-Eleven, but never any in the USA - BAC didn't even apply for FAA certification of it, for some reason.

2. What airline was operating Caravelle service into Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1968?
I would guess a few. The Caravelle had sold well in the area (although "well" could mean just a few aircraft).

All the North African countries. Kingdom of Libya Airlines (which I think it still was in 1968); Tunis Air; Air Algerie; Royal Air Maroc.

Then the Middle East. Alia of Jordan; Syrian Arab; MEA (apart from the last few days of 1968, as their whole Caravelle fleet was destroyed in December 1968 in the military skirmish at Beirut airport).

Some of these might operate an enhanced service into Jeddah during the time of the Hadj, the pilgrimage to Mecca, which is adjacent to Jeddah. This also used to form some considerable off-season charter work for about a month each year for the European holiday airlines. Although not a Caravelle, I was aware of a photo album of a Caledonian Airlines Bristol Britannia (and some crew) at Jeddah doing this work in 1968. I don't think, as you scroll down, the flight attendants would get away with those clothes in Jeddah nowadays. You Americans can maybe identify the old car alongside the Britannia in the main photo.

OK. Bonus question. There are two aircraft in the background of that main 1968 Britannia photograph in Jeddah. What are they and what are their operators (hint; one is more straightforward than the other !)

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