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Originally Posted by techgirl View Post
The last time I turned on Bravo, I didn't "get" any of the programming. I'm clearly not their target audience. But someone is obviously watching that stuff. There have been a few different reality show producers shopping around to try to produce a show about frequent flyers for several years. Some have gotten so far as to chat with them or even shoot segments/pilots. I had a few conversations with a producer at one point who wanted a subject where they could insert artificial drama (missed flights, cancelled reservations, etc.) just to amp up the interest factor. Another was interested in flyers who'd be willing to switch loyalty alliances to fly with/stay with the brand partners interested in helping produce the show.

I've long said that the only way a show with recurring characters would be remotely interesting was if it got away from points/miles and devolved into something a bit more personal. You'd have to either have another business pivot to promote or want to otherwise get famous to allow that kind of potentially damaging edit.
To be clear, I'm not casting any aspersions on Bravo. To the contrary, I watch many shows on it regularly, and even listen to podcasts about them. While Ben's expensive tastes line up with several Bravolebrities (yes, we have a name for them), his interests are far too narrow, as his lack of interest in other people. Bravo specializes in people who manage to be incredibly self-absorbed while concerning themselves with other people's lives way too much at the same time. It's about personality- not just a passion to live a life of luxury. And most often, the most painfully self-unaware are only featured as foils or laughing stocks for the other members of the cast. Again, even Bens biggest fans don't suggest he has a big, engaging personality. A show that takes place in airplanes, lounges, and Hyatts would be mindnumbingly boring, and Ben has never been an adult living any other sort of life.

someone like Brian could be a more likely candidate because he parties it up and could pretend to be running the business of TPG, which has a rotating cast of eager marketing grads pretending to be journalists.
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