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Originally Posted by ab_initio View Post
Hi All,

I tried searching but I can't find the answer - Delta PM flying VS SEA-LHR in PE, with a 5-hr layover and then onward from T2 onto LHR-OSL via SAS on a separate reservation. A few questions (please keep in mind that PMs can again access the LHR Clubhouse as of 6/1/17 and I am in no rush to get to T2, as I have no lounge access there):

1) If I'd like to use the VS Clubhouse, NOT the arrivals lounge, prior to heading over to T2, may I do so by simply walking over to the Clubhouse after landing like I would do at most airports in the US or do I follow the purple signs for connections or go through security, etc.?

2) Alternatively, to access the Arrivals lounge only, I presume I exit and not follow the purple sign for connections?

Thanks in advance for any help or insight anyone can offer - I really appreciate it!
1. No, you can only get between terminals (including T3 after-landing to T3 airside) using the flight connection routes. You go through a small security station even T3 to T3. They won't let you into T3 airside unless you're flying out of T3. Even if you could go in, are you sure you can use the VS Clubhouse without an ongoing VS or DL flight?

2. Correct. You exit passport control / customs and follow the signs to the VS arrivals lounge. Then you go to T2 landside when you feel like it.
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