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Originally Posted by Lomapaseo View Post
Many thanks for the replies. I shall return the favor for others after I try out some of these routes.

Since we have onward rail connections we wont be stopping in the arrivals lounge. Instead we expect to exit the customs hall sluffing roll-on bags and go past the arrivals lounge looking for the exit down to the Heathrow express.

We have some some sort of paper printout with a bar code on it hoping that's all we need get on board the express to Paddington.. The wife is keen on tacking a taxi from Paddington to Euston because of the bags.

At Euston I have yet another printout ticket with a bar code on it good for our first Cl Virgin passage on to Chester.

I'm in need of getting a two-together rail pass and multiple onward rail journey FAST Ticket printouts of previously paid bookings om the Virgin East IT site. I assume I have to do this at a main station ticket site like Euston?

Is there any chance that the Euston station Virgin first Cl lounge can do any of this? issue ticket, rail cards etc. ?

I would forgo your barcode HEX and get the tube from LHR to Kings Cross, which is basically co-located with Euston. Yes, it's the tube, but so much easier than HEX + taxi imho.
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