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Originally Posted by avon75 View Post
What should happen when you're in one of those seats (usually on a short haul) where you have a full window to yourself and a partial of the next one behind you ?
For example, I had one such situation where the guy behind me shut the window that overlapped our seats, yet when I reclined back, the whole 2nd window was clearly in my 'space'. I then opened it back up because I wanted some sunlight.
Any guidance or opinions on etiquette here ?
Well if you follow the guidance of some above, you are terrible, horrible, selfish person. Doubly so for having the audacity to actually recline your seat.

In truth though, if you were actually looking out the window, then I think you were in the right, unless the guy behind you had politely said, "Excuse me, but the light is glaring in my eyes, would you please mind shutting the shade? Thank you."
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