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Originally Posted by chetdogleash View Post

I know Delta Diamond and Platinum members are able to bring a +1 into the VA Clubhouse. Those traveling in Delta One also have access. But can someone traveling in Delta One bring a guest?

I am Diamond flying in Delta One with my wife (Delta One) and another couple (Y). Trying to figure out how to get the fourth person in....

Virgin used to offer something called Guest List where you could buy access to the Clubhouse as well as other premium ground services for a steep price (over 200 GBP) -- but I can't find any references to it on the website currently so I assume it may have been discontinued. Not to mention I'm not sure if it would have been possible for those traveling on a Delta flight anyway. So unfortunately not sure there will be any way to get all of you in.

Could try all showing up at the front door and asking if there is any way to pay ... but don't be surprised if they say no, and if they say yes, the price will probably be pretty steep, wouldn't be surprised if it's 100 GBP.
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