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Epilogue - To Jerusalem

The highway to Jerusalem was closed for hours and so were numerous roads inside the city so there was no way I was going to take a taxi back home, which was the original plan before AF1 got involved in my trip. Recently a bus service between TLV and Jerusalem started operating but this was not an option for the same reason.

Train it is, then. However the fast train from TLV to Jerusalem that was supposed to be opened in 2008 is still under construction The only other option is to take the train from TLV to Tel Aviv and then hop on the train to Jerusalem that uses the old ottoman winding route that go through the Judean hills. Truly, this is a scenic route and highly recommended to tourists but it takes forever, almost an hour and a half (in comparison the new fast train will make it in less than half an hour).

So here is a full pictorial report of my trip from T3 in TLV to the (only) train station in Jerusalem, which happens to be very close to where I live

The arrivals hall in TLV, which is always carnivalesque

The way to the platform from the arrivals hall:

Waiting for the train to Tel Aviv

And boarding

Getting off at the first station in Tel Aviv (only a six minutes ride)

But it stinks in here Oh look, there is a warning sign

Attention! Due to poor air quality near the platforms you are advised to wait in the passengers hall upstairs and come down only when the train approaches

My train

The hills

A stream

And the terraces (not to be confused with the BA lounge )

An old ottoman station

The long and winding road

Home sweet home

I hope you have enjoyed this TR as much as I did. So until next time

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