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some general clarification and a few thoughts to think about:

On the flight deck, at least one pilot must always be in his/her seat. The reason why some, mostly US based carriers, have a 2 man rule is because if one of the pilots leaves the Cockpit, somebody needs to open the door if the other one wants to get back in. As most of them do no have video cameras installed, somebody needs to check trough the peephole that the person requesting to enter the cockpit is in fact a crew member. And that can only be done by a FA so that the remaining Pilot can stay in his seat.

Yes, the 2man Cockpit rule was installed after crash because of the fear of another crash. HOWEVER, this was primarily because a single carrier in Europe introduced the rule right after the accident screaming "how safe" they are now. Consequently the european carriers had to follow, not for safety, but for marketing reasons. The requirement/recommendation by the authorities was a not thought trough reaction so everybody can see that they are doing something.

The recommendation to remove the rule is based an EASA study (agency responsible for Aviation safety in europe). Believe me, they are not the ones who do listen to the pilots and/or Airline lobby. And to be honest, I do not think that it is possible to really say what is safer: 2man Cockpit rule with Cockpit doors remaining open longer creating a higher risk of somebody unwanted entering, or the possibility of a sick pilot.

Some people have to wrap their mind around the fact, that you will never ever create 100% safety. There is always a risk. It might be the sick Pilot, the open Cockpit door because people constantly have to enter/renter due to the 2man rule, the not completely checked FA etc. STILL, you are safer than taking any other means of Transportation. The only difference is, that if something that big happens, it creates more Attention because more people are affected. But looking at the numbers: 1.25mill death in car/bus accidents according to the WHO, compared to the estimated 1000 in planecrashes (http://www.statisticbrain.com/airpla...sh-statistics/.
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