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Originally Posted by mmff View Post
Can you provide the source for these data? I'm not questioning your statement, just curious.
The data is from public health records, such as WHO. It's not a secret. Keep in mind that suicide has its own specific cultural, religious, gender, and age characteristics.
However, I don't think we should get bogged down in a discussion of the suicide rate per se. I certainly am not arguing for a multi person presence in the cabin simply because of the fact that there is a slightly higher rate of suicide amongst the Swiss. If that was the case, then one would have to demand that a mental health crisis counselor be a permanent fixture on a Sri Lankan Airlines flight deck as their rate is around 3X that of the Swiss. What I do know is that Sh*t happens. Fires, sickness, breakage. Suicide was only one of the issues. Minor issues can become big issues fast. I don't believe the reviews undertaken to support the decision to allow solo presence have been done. I get it. Some disagree with me and I certainly don't make policy. All I can do is control my own purchase decision.
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