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Originally Posted by akalra1187 View Post
Not meaning to be rude, but I'm not ignoring the first part of your reply, it just seems like jargon to me.
It's just English.

The whole premise of this thread is that the OP wants to travel on the Residence. As such, s/he has correctly determined that the only options to do so are to depart from LHR (on any of the 3 daily A380s) or from CDG (on one of two daily flights, but only between July and October next).

Therefore, for you to argue about the "abundance of options" to get to the UAE, and to talk of all the non-Etihad options, is a total non-starter.

The OP has decided to travel the Residence. And, having done so, the only thing on which they are now going to base their decision on where to fly from is on whether there is a corner of a lounge roped-off for his/her exclusive use!!!.

Originally Posted by akalra1187 View Post
Someone choosing The Residence will very likely appreciate small details, such as the private room/lounge, and fine Champagnes, bath amenities, caviar, double bed, double sofa on board, etc. over schedule or price end of. No two ways about that, I don't see how you can possibly argue that someone chose a Residence flight for the time of departure as the No.1 priority.

The OP is opining on whether to depart from CDG or LHR on the basis of a "room" in the LOUNGE!!!

As you have eloquently put it, the Residence is all about things other than whether there is a roped-off corner in the Paris lounge.

You might think schedule and price are not things that should sway a "customer" who "has chose" The Residence - but my point is that whether or not there is a corner of a lounge roped off for Residence customers is the worst possible thing to decide this trip upon.

Originally Posted by akalra1187 View Post
What you are saying (codeshare flights, bought through Etihad and ticketed through to AUH on at least an EY metal connection are eligible for entry) does seem fair, but its not even the case.
Come back and state that again when you are turned away from the EY lounge at LHR holding an Etihad (NOT Alitalia) ticket.
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