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Originally Posted by RGMD11 View Post
Well its finally happened,its bye bye BA,after the fiasco of today,i have finally had enough of BA,i have been GGL for 3 years,which means bugger all with BA and their lame service recovery,after several calls to GGL in Manchester,

It's a genuine sorry (yes,i feel sorry for the staff and their well being) but it's simply not a consistent service,after various calls with various staff answering,i was given several answers to the same question,and the over riding impression of no immediate power to rectify a service recovery problem,extremely poor in my view,

So now i am 205 out of pocket buying a virgin walk up fare ticket,and tomorrow 600 odd buying a new ticket with KL to get me where i need to be,what happened to endorsing tickets with other carriers !,oh yes that involves money,

Alex Cruz you are a disgrace to the airline buisness,and i sincerely hope he falls on his own sword after the fiasco of yesterday and today,

It's not just about my own events of today,BA is a shadow of it's former self as are most legacy airlines these days,but YES there are other options/alternatives available,and without going into details,i have had the pleasure of several other carriers in SH and Lh recently with substantially better products,both soft and hard,I only have a spend of 12/14k a year with BA,so small fry to them,but for me and from now on that money will be spent elsewhere,

Good Riddance
Don't blame BA. Blame BA Executive Management, The Board and IAG.

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