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Day 1.

We arrived on time at Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport just before 6am local time. Luckily the gate for my connecting flight to Cuba was just across from our arrival gate.

I was dying for some caffeine but the lone coffee shop near the gate had a massive queue so I quickly gave up on that idea.

Foreigners travelling to Cuba have to buy a tourist card and Jetblue had a desk at the gate where you buy one for $50. The US citizens on the flight also had to sign a one page document ticking one of the 12 authorised reasons for travel to Cuba. Although President Obama significantly eased travel to Cuba by Americans during the 2015 Cuban Thaw, as only the Cuban trade embargo can only be ended by Congress, US travellers still have to go through this bit of a charade if they wish to visit Cuba.

The Jetblue A319 for the flight to Havana waiting at the gate. We boarded just after 7:30am for the flight to Havana.

Free snack and drink handed out for the short ~45 minute flight.

Getting closer to Havana's JosÚ MartÝ International Airport.

And my passport and tourist card stamped into Cuba, my 105th country visited.

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