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Originally Posted by Boogie711 View Post
Beware: YVR-NGO is operated by Rouge.
Is Rouge really that bad? I've read a lot of the reviews but many of them complain about things like their buns weren't hot with their meal or that there wasn't a linen table cloth on their tray. I put those reviews in the same cateory as hotel reviews complaining about the toiletries or how the edge of the toilet paper isn't folded into a triangle.

Looking at the specs, this is a 767-300 so has the 30" seat pitch. That's 1" shy of many airlines but I can spare an 1" in legroom. Worst case, take out the magazines to get much of that back. I really don't care about the quality of the food or the entertainment. I can deal with that myself. All I really care about is that the plane gets there, I can sit reasonably comfortably and that there's a toilet to use.
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