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Originally Posted by drajknox View Post
The degree of generosity which you refer to is of course relatively dependent upon how much flying one has to do to achieve status with each program independent of credit card spending.

For example according to their website you can qualify United Premier Gold with 50000 PQM or 60PQS (and US$6000 spend if US resident).

However Aegean Miles and More attributes *G I believe with 24000 miles and 4 Aegean segments.

On Air NZ to qualify Star Gold with seat and bag AKL-MEL return flights at 20SP each way you would need 11.25 return trips with is 36720 miles with max additional 450 credit card SP which hardly seems generous given that the flying would have qualified you with Aegean after around 8 of those flights with no credit card points.

One of the major issues with the Air NZ program is that the earn is often inconsistent with price paid or distance which is flown. For example I had a ANZ CHC-AKL FlexiPlus segment which cost nearly $300 one way which earns only 10 SP yet I've had shorter cheaper flights which have earned more.
If you guys remember SP earn a few years ago before the last revamp, you would earn minimum 30 SP for any trans-Tasman flight. The minimum now is 7 SP and they have reduced both APD/SP across the board. The qualification requirement is the same and the whole programme structure is the same. So for the same anoumt of flying, you used to be able to qualify without a credit card, now you do. So I guess if you think this credit card scheme is generous depends on your history with the programme and if you compared with other programmes as well.
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