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Originally Posted by craz View Post
OP I dont know if what I ran into at times was the same with your rental. But many times when Im getting quotes (even with Costco) when I change the time of p/u it will spit out a different rate sometimes cheaper sometimes more expensive
What I've found over the last couple of years is that rates, at least with Hertz/Thrifty, adjust their rates several times a day, based on the number of reservations for a specific combination of time, date, special rate, and type of car, at the time you're making the reservation. It can go up or down. So what you've experienced when changing the pickup time may have been not because the time was different, but rather that you made the change an hour later, or on the next day.

I think that the rate system has become so complex that real humans, whether renters or car rental staff, can predict or understand them. Only The Computer can.

For example, the first customer service person I spoke to when trying to resolve this rate difference told me that my reservation was for two days and one hour (it wasn't - pickup and return times reserved were both 9 AM) and that because I picked up the car at 8:45 and returned it at 8:30, I wasn't charged for the extra hour, so I should be happy.
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