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Originally Posted by WineCountryUA View Post
Downgrading a clear segment may be possible.

Prior to day of travel, to downgrade, your original fare class needs to be available. If it is, the downgrade can be processed. If the original fare class is not available, that you may have to pay a fare differential.

On day of travel, most GA will handle the request if there is any economy space available -- do this as soon as the GA becomes available. Note the seat selection my be rather limited.

As mentioned, it is best (especially for a low probability PS segment) to only request the longer segment to start with. This can only be done on the phone.

If the short segment had not cleared, any phone agent should be able to remove the request.
Thank you. One SFo 1k learns from another. Think since I'm a 2MM and you're almost there, I should know this stuff. Guess I shouldn't feel like its too much of a waste, since they often expire on me since nothing ever clears.....

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