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Thanks for the replies and suggestions. Auschwitz is certainly on our list. We also enjoy the "off the beaten track" places in cities, where we meet locals and get to see places through their lenses. Mountains/outdoors a must.
Plenty of mountains in Zakopane for sure! That aside, I'm on the move and hate typing on iPhone however, when in Gdańsk and in need of a drink but at the same time wanting to avoid packed to the brim's bars & pubs around the city centre/Sopot's Monte Cassino, make sure you pop in to Garnizon, a former army garrison which was smartly converted to a fancy mini-district with a few nice bars, including Marmolada Chleb i Kawa, Stary Maneż, Otwarta and finally Lula (admittedly, I'm a regular there during my work-from-home Fridays - very handy for me and good choice of drinks and cocktails ), all in roughly 5 minutes' walk from Galeria Bałtycka (see Google Maps for ease of reference) - you'll definitely meet plenty of locals there. If you're into fish, make sure you stop at Pomarańczowa Plaża while enjoying a stroll on the promenade between Gdańsk and Sopot (just past Mera Spa Hotel walking towards Sopot), they have an outdoor terrace with plenty of tables and the atmosphere is just brilliant.

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