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Originally Posted by StayingHomeIsBetter View Post
I confess to being lazy. So, I have not read all 51 pages of DL's Coercion of Carriage to see if there is a relevant "Gotcha" clause.

Have the airlines somehow immunized themselves (or convinced the government to immunize them) against consequential damages arising from travel disruptions that should have been under the airline's control?

Say, an IT breakdown that costs a consultant significant income by preventing the consultant from getting to a client. Now, multiply that by hundreds (thousands?) of other business persons similar deprived of income.

Just curious...
In a word, yes. The contract for pretty much any service like this will say that the provider's liability is limited to what you paid for the service. Along vaguely similar lines if your ISP or hosting provider has an extended outage and your e-commerce site can't make any sales, in general you're only covered up to the amount you pay them for the service, not loss of business.

Don't blame you for not wanting to read all 51 pages See Rule 240 A/B/C.
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