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Also posted this in the 2017 compensation thread...then found this thread...and now I am even more angry learning Delta has handed out $200 vouchers like candy! I am GM, should comfortably be PM this year.
4/5/17 SLC-LAX, LAX-SYD and return. Family of four, 3 tix on miles, one on cash.
Departure date was April 5 (the day with all the chaos). First leg scheduled to leave at 8:39pm, 50 minute connection at LAX. Get a message at 2pm saying SLC-LAX flight delayed 2 hours because no pilots.

I called Delta and said, hey we will miss our SYD flight if this thing is delayed. They said, sorry we have no other flights today with availability. Agent then tried other airlines to get us to LAX and said them same--no seats. I said--I can grab 4 seats right now on AA and agent said go for it. I paid 612 dollars for the four one way SLC-LAX seats.

I called back and told a supervisor that I got the seats. She said if I filed a claim, they'd reimburse it. So I filed a claim, and while in SYD got a response asking for receipts, which I sent straight away.

Claim gets bumped up to Corporate Refunds. The supervisor there says they will refund the difference between Delta fare and AA fare for that leg. I say, that is unsatisfactory--I had a contract with Delta for X, then because Delta couldn't fulfill their end, I had to incur a cost of 612 and that is what should be refunded....not 3,750 miles x 3 and 150 bucks. (So they aren't even paying the difference...they are trying to rebate the advance fare for the Delta leg and sticking me with the last minute one way fare...)

I have some pending Delta Vacations where payment is due, and I even specified at the outset that a Delta credit for 612 was fine. (I also asked for the missed MQMs/Miles on the SLC-LAX leg.) BUT DELTA IS DENYING MY CLAIM!

Am I being unreasonable?
So approximately 24 hours after posting this, I received an email from Delta responding to my initial contact--assuring me all would be taken care of. Will revert back once that is done.
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