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Originally Posted by theassassin View Post
It will be cold at night, particularly if you are on an evening or night drive in an open vehicle, so would pack some warm and windproof gear.
True, game drives can be a really miserable experience if you are chilled to the bone.

I use the following rule of thumb for open vehicle game drives:

- If it is sunny, not too windy and at least 20C, short sleeves and shorts are fine.

-If it is cloudy, windy, or under 20C, bring extra layers so you have the flexibility to adapt to the prevailing circumstances. A sweater + a windbreaker with a hood will do the trick. Remember that your head is most exposed of all, and has a large surface area. A warm beanie may even be called for on chilly night drives. The legs are least exposed to the wind, and any lodge worth its salt will provide blankets on the vehicle, so shorts will usually suffice even on night drives.

On walks, short sleeves and shorts will be fine even if the temperature is below 10C at sunrise. It will warm up soon enough.

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