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In my case, I got the extra 15k MQM - which just barely put me into Diamond, with 128k MQMs now showing for last year - and my rollover miles didn't change, I am still showing 38k rollover MQMs.

I did do one thing yesterday that may (?) have been a factor, though I doubt it? Prior to noticing this change in my account, I had gone to the MQM Gift Landing page and attempted to process a transaction to add 15k MQM to my account. I did this because I expect to reach 30k in spending on my Reserve card with my upcoming statement (which usually processes on the 10th, so I didn't expect this transaction to go through just yet as I have not yet received my bonus miles either).

In fact, before seeing this thread, I assumed that action had triggered the change - and was worried because I actually need those bonus MQMs in 2017 to help maintain my Platinum status yet they seemed to have posted to 2016.

I am hoping that after the 10th, I'll still be eligible for the 15k MQM bonus for reaching the 30k spend threshold.
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