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from YXU - Upgrade vouchers already exist on NWA for International travel from fare basis Y B M. They are available on the Coupon Connection as well as occasionally through Elite Service Center assuming that a history of "over water" travel is documented and appropriate fare basis was used. Another means of obtaining is through your travel agent or corporate travel departments. If they have an established NWA relationship, they should have a small stack. There are also ANY FARE upgrades which are floating around as well. These are not as frequently available as SWU (UAL) but are around.

Thoughts for those who disagree with Non-revenue benefits - We all enjoy perks through our repective companies that are not available to the general public whether it may be free printing services, free rooms, stock incentive options, discount merchandise, company cars, moving expenses, expense accounts, etc etc. I don't complain when I shopped for my Acura TL when the person selling it to me drives one for free, so I want one free too!!

For those who would like to join the "non-rev" party in WBC. Here is the deal, take a 50% pay cut, work a rotating schedule, more than likely relocate, get layed off every six months, get 7 vacation days (after the first year) and then look in the mirror and imagine what it would be like to have to deal with yourself from the opposite side of the counter

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