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I think we're at the point now where tickets for almost all (or all?) NPB teams can be bought directly from the teams' websites. I've bought tickets for the Fighters, Lions, Baystars, Tigers, Giants, Marines, Swallows, and Buffaloes this way - through the team's website. This blogger explains how to buy Fukuoka Hawks tickets through the team website:

The websites have varying levels of difficulty when you can't read Japanese and are relying on google translate and trial and error in inserting your Kanji name when requested.

The Lions and Marines both use the same web platform. To buy Lions tickets you can go to
for Marines tickets

You'll be asked for your name twice in Kanji and Katakana (I have no idea what the difference is). I just typed my name into this translator and then copied the Japanese characters it gave me into both the Kanji and Katakana boxes:

You'll be asked for a phone number, you can just use random numbers BUT it has to be a ten digit number. Otherwise you'll get an error message that tells you it has to be ten digits.

You can use random numbers and random Latin alphabet characters where it asks you for an address.

I choose "pay now by credit card and pick up at 7-11."

Once you've paid for the ticket you can pick it up at the 7-11 anytime, even weeks later. I don't know if there's a cutoff of having to pick it up 24 hours (or 2 hours) before the gametime or anything. This makes buying from the team's website preferable to using, in my opinion, because with I don't think you can PAY in advance online, you can only reserve the ticket and then pay at the 7-11, and they make you pay and collect it within 24-48 hours of ordering the ticket otherwise they release the seat.

So team websites can be used to buy tickets weeks before you arrive in Japan and then collect at 7-11 when you arrive, whereas the website can't be used for this, you'd have to be in Japan or on your way there in a day or two in order to order on and then pay for and pick up the ticket at 7-11 before the deadline.

The team websites generally have a better selection of seats to choose from than also.

The Baystars' website gave me the most trouble. I had to create about six different accounts before I was able to buy a ticket. Whenever I tried to pay with a credit card, I kept getting error messages that my registration name was wrong. It kept asking me to use English characters even though that's what I was doing. I don't remember what I did to fix it, but I was ultimately able to buy a Baystars ticket and they sent it to the Baystars app I downloaded.

Lastly, I recently bought a ticket for a June Lions-Marines game in Okinawa that was processed through "Eventify." They sent me a two page email including the access code with instructions to pick it up at Family Mart.

Picking up at Family Mart is different from 7-11-- you can't just give the cashier the access code, you must use the green "information" kiosk in the store, which is a pain in the neck. Then it prints out a bar code and you bring that to the cashier.

Compounding the confusion for me was that the 13 digit number near the top of the first page of the Eventify confirmation email was NOT the collection code, there was another 13 digit number buried way at the end of page 2 of the email, and THAT was the number that had to be typed in the kiosk.

There was also a link to a PDF guide in the email with instructions about how to use the kiosk, I recommend printing that out too, the Family Mart staff (I went to several Family Marts) doesn't seem too adept at navigating the kiosks to collect baseball tickets (especially if you give them a print out with the wrong code).

If you have a choice, choose 7-11 pick up, not Family Mart pick up, and then just show the 7-11 cashier the (correct) pick up number on your phone and you'll be good to go. I don't think Eventify gave me a 7-11 option.

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